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What we're about

Engaging the next generation

As we look to share just how amazing Jesus is with those in Thurmaston, we're aware that the local area is made up of lots of young families. As such, we want to be a worshipping community that actively looks to engage children and young people. The Bible makes it clear, as does the teaching and actions of Jesus, that the next generation are wonderfully precious and are to be carefully guided to knowing God's love for them. 

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At Living Hope Church we're all about hope! And we believe that God's Word, the Bible, has revealed where we can find that hope, and how we can have restored relationships with God and with one another.

With that in mind, we have 3 main aims as a new worshipping community:


Connecting with other cultures

Jesus calls his followers to be making new followers from every nation, and here in Thurmaston we have the world on our doorstep! With the local demographic of Thurmaston being a real intercultural mix, we want to shape Living Hope Church to be a community that connects with those from various different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. This will mean that we will prioritise listening and learning from those around us, as we in turn look to share the hope that we have.

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Creating community

We believe that Jesus transforms not just the lives and hopes of individuals, but of complete communities. As a local church, planted into the centre of Thurmaston, we want to see the hope that Jesus offers radically impact those around us. For us, this means that the events we run, the weekly gatherings we have together, and the ways in which we practically serve those in Thurmaston, will all be driven by our desire to see a sense of community spirit grow in the area. We long to see the community of Thurmaston impacted by the hope that Jesus brings.  


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